College Guidance


Our College Guidance service assists the student with choosing the best college selection. Included in the consultations are a PERSONALITY INVENTORY to help the teen look at his/her personality and to encourage a better fit of student to college; and a MAJORS/CAREER INVENTORY to help the teen better understand his/her career preference at this point in time. The planning program is designed to prepare the teen to make a choice of school based on the teen’s characteristics which are enhanced by summer and extracurricular activities. Family and individualized guidance focus the search on the teen’s strengths. Assistance with application completion, interview skills, and essay writing rounds out the program.


We offer the Personality and Career Planning Inventory to adults or college graduates who wish to look at themselves with the idea of better personal understanding and/or job change or college major selection. Individualized (one-to-one) consultation is available for the person of any age needing to focus on a career area and/or college or graduate/professional school possibilities. We provide inventories to:

  • Evaluate personality
  • Consider careers
  • Help with college major selection
  • Understand study skill habits
  • Find strengths


We offer explanations of high school requirements, course selection, student performance, and extracurricular activities as they relate to high school and college. The sessions are designed to assist students with the beginnings of long-range planning for college and to transition students into our full College Guidance as sophomores.


Graduate and professional school consultations help direct the potential student to a possible educational advancement and/or career. All sessions are on a onetoone
basis. We assist with law, medical, and dental schools placement as well as business schools and other graduate programs.


Through these services we provide our College Guidance and consultations for those individuals preparing for graduate and professional schools. Our consultants are available to answer questions by appointment for the person who cannot come for sessions. This service is provided for people who live distant from our location. However, our testing and inventory services do require that clients come to our location for those sessions.


We offer a look ahead at realistic options by using evaluation tools (tests or inventories) to help give direction to students or adults for personal planning beyond college.


Our consultants speak on topics such as planning for college, building of a dynamic profile for college, understanding the little known college, and other areas that relate to education.


A teen’s entering a community for the first time as the new person is a challenging experience. We offer assistance for teens having educational problems with the “new home.” Our professionals offer consultation services to businesses or families planning to move into a new community. We offer outreach services to teens to help foster a more positive transition into the school environment.


After consultation, a student will be able to explore a more fulfilling career option. The student will identify his special abilities and look at the types of jobs that would best use his/her talents.