USA INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION CENTER organizes English Summer Camps in the United States for students in all age levels. We offer an enjoyable, interactive atmosphere where children can use every day English and improve their knowledge of the English language in a fun, relaxed summer camp environment.

Our fun-loving Tutors (teachers) come from different cultures and backgrounds all over the world. All of our tutors are well-qualified with degrees in Language or Education, experience in TESOL and ESL or have previously worked in summer camps. These are just some of many backgrounds our tutors have!

At USAIEC, we want to instill a desire to learn more English, show the students that they can do it, and that learning English is fun. No one will ever learn a language without making mistakes; at our camps we don’t ask the children to speak English perfectly, we only ask them to do their best and ENJOY their time!

Immersion; Great Stride; and Overwhelming Motivation – Theses are what our children achieve in Camp!

  • 4 weeks of work is same as yearlong progress in ordinary situation.
  • Speaking, listening, reading, writing, and grammar, all in inclusive growth pattern.
  • Before and after the program, test and evaluation to the participants – see how different before and after!

Safe Guidance and Student Management; Remote, Online Monitoring

  • 24/7 staff readiness
  • Easy and convenient way for parents to check on their children
  • Safety assurance management by USAIEC