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USAIEC, based on its tradition of professionalism, is located in Atlanta, Georgia. USAIEC helps students from a Christian perspective and supports students like a caring mother. Selflessly serving future world leaders, we guide students to become global talents who possess not only knowledge but also wisdom and tenacity.

USAIEC, the leading study abroad educational agency, has been helping hundreds of international students from several Asian countries to the United States for last 10 years. We are located strategically in the state of Georgia in the southeast of the United States.

As many people know, there are countless international students in the United States, and in many areas they have various difficulties and hardships in their early study abroad experiences. It is not just a financial issue, but it’s more about the issue of how students would get necessary supports in a safe environment. In other words, the word, “trust” is the key to the success of our children’s study abroad experience; And this “trust” only can be derived from the combination of well accumulated experiences and the current scope of work, along with the positive vision to provide.

USAIEC, for last 15 years, has successfully helped and assisted over 150 students from Asia, and over 60 students have been admitted to many well-known colleges and universities here in the United States. Although many students tend to go back to their home countries after a certain period of their studies in the United States because quite a few students have been on the early year study abroad program, for those who have planned to advance to the higher education in colleges and universities, they have been very successful in many ways. For example, last three years, there have been students to schools like Illinois Tech and UGA with the full scholarship, and others have had multiple admissions; Even some were admitted to the leading universities in Korea, as well.

Currently, USAIEC takes wonderful care of over 30 students from Korea and China, and provides both personal and institutional cares to them. We work very closely together with schools that our students attend, and their host families and host parents are like our own biological siblings. It also extends to the students’ parents in their home countries, so that they are able to enjoy worry-free experience in their children’ study abroad program.

It’s impossible that we are better caregivers than students’ actual parents, but it’s no wonder that we are doing the right thing by getting the positive feedback from over 60 parents of our children continuously. We are so thrived to do our best for our students!

Currently, USAIEC is stretching out its territory and boundary beyond the state of Georgia. Now we have partner schools in Alabama and Tennessee. We’d like to our sincere appreciation to the parents of our students. Without their trust on us and support, we wouldn’t have been able to grow this fast and steady. Also, in 2013, we have a very special exclusive agreement with the state government of Georgia, and it certifies that we, USAIEC, is the government approved and certified educational institute. With all these credential, we will continuously provide the best services not only to our students and but to the parents, as well, so that we will be able to help our students to get prepared for the better future with the resources they have invested; And surely it will bring the greatest return to them and to their parents with no doubt.

A Training Institution Recognized by the Federal Gov’t: The role of the Korean ambassador and Korean education for local teachers

Every summer, the program selects 15 public school teachers from Cobb County of metro Atlanta and provides for them a two-week long Korean education at university language institutes, including Yonsei Language Institute, and a weeklong cultural experience by way of a Korean folk village tour, the Kyoungju tour, and the Ulsan industrial park tour. This program is supported by the federal government and plays a role in introducing the Korean culture to teachers in Atlanta.

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